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Detecting Oral Health Problems Early Is Key

With nearly any sort of medical condition, catching the problem early on is best for your outlook as a patient. That’s absolutely true when it comes to all kinds of oral health problems. Tooth decay is a progressive condition that continues to get worse over time. That means that the longer you go without realising… Read more »

Is Your Holiday Diet Contributing to Cavities?

The holiday season usually comes with an extravagant spread of delicious food that everyone enjoys. With the extra parties and get togethers added to the schedule, it’s no wonder that many of us tend to pack on a few extra pounds over the holidays. While resolving to exercise more in the new year is a… Read more »

Sugary Halloween Candy Poses Oral Health Risks

A night full of costumes and trick-or-treating is on the horizon for many people across the country, but Halloween also brings with it an important reminder about oral health. While the candy picked up during trick-or-treating can be a delicious, hard-earned treat, it can also contribute to cavity risks. Consuming lots of sugary candies and… Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Bright During Summer

Everyone wants a bright, healthy smile, and keeping your teeth in good condition doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about knowing how to care for your teeth, and what common pitfalls to avoid. During the summer season, you’re probably spending plenty of days outdoors, hanging out with friends, and enjoying refreshing beverages. Some of… Read more »