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Medical History

At Stubbs Family Dentistry, your general health is important to us and that is why we have all of our patients complete a medical history record. The reason for this is simple: We want your treatment to proceed smoothly and without incident. By knowing your medical history, we can take any needed precautions before we begin your treatment. For instance, if you happen to be a diabetic, we might want to schedule you for a morning appointment as opposed to one in the afternoon. Or if in the past you have had a problem with a specific local anesthetic, we could plan to use a different one for your scheduled treatment.

Comprehensive Examination

All of our first-time patients wanting cosmetic or general dental services receive a thorough comprehensive examination, which includes a visual inspection of the teeth, gum tissues, and remaining soft tissues. We will also use our hands to manually feel for lesions or abnormalities about the lips, tongue, and cheeks. We will then look at your face and neck for abnormal lesions and feeling your facial and neck lymph nodes for masses. To aid us in our intraoral exam we use digital x-rays and sometimes a “tooth camera.” With these devices, we can show you images of your teeth on a large television monitor to give you a clear picture of what we see. Tooth decay can be accurately diagnosed with an advanced DIAGNOdent dental laser. We’ve used this diode laser for years to perform accurate and precise diagnoses.


Comprehensive Implant Examination

In addition to the steps discussed above, Dr. Stubbs’ dental implant and denture exams will also include taking an impression of your teeth and/or gums so that we can fabricate a three-dimensional model. With all of the information gathered, Dr. Stubbs can then formulate a treatment plan specifically just for you.

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