Exams And Cleanings

At home, you need to brush and floss daily to protect your smile from issues like tooth decay and gum disease. But you also need to see our team for an exam and cleaning, so your team at Stubbs Family Dentistry can monitor your smile and remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup, further safeguarding smiles of all ages in the West Allis community and beyond!

Dental Exams

We want to see kids two and older, as well as teens, adults, and seniors, once every six months for a checkup visit. During your visit, we will employ advanced imaging to make a diagnosis with precision and accuracy, identifying issues that could threaten your smile in the early stages. To capture these images quickly and comfortably, we will implement digital x-rays, which use 90% less radiation, and the DIAGNOdent® laser cavity detection system to capture the earliest stages of cavities. If we discover issues like cavities and periodontal issues, then we can create a treatment plan to restore your smile!

Professional Cleanings

Brushing and flossing is essential for limiting the severity of plaque and tartar buildup, but only a professional dental cleaning can remove the buildup completely from your smile! Our team will do so gently, employing an ultrasonic scaling device and manual tool to break up and remove all buildup before polishing your smile. If you have gingivitis or the early stages of gum disease, we could discuss a deep cleaning to remove buildup from the teeth and the roots as well.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Our team will also conduct a detailed oral cancer screening for adults during your visit, watching for possible signs of cancerous or precancerous areas. If we identify lesions or sores that could indicate oral cancer, we will order a biopsy.

Schedule an Exam and Cleaning Today

Our team is ready to protect your smile with a dental exam and cleaning. To schedule a consultation, fill out our online form, or call our office in West Allis, WI, at 414-541-8250. We proudly serve the residents of West Allis, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and all Western Milwaukee communities.