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Dr. Welnak just made the announcement of his retirement earlier this week. He is a beloved dentist who followed faithfully his father’s example of excellence in dentistry throughout his career. We have heard from many of you that this notice of retirement was “out of the blue”. Dr. Welnak really cares for the well-being of his patients and searched for an office that matched his ethos and philosophy on dental care and patient relationships. Dr. Yvonne Stubbs and her experienced team of providers and staff will endeavor to make to the transition as smooth as possible for all of Dr. Welnak’s patients. We will do everything we can to serve you as faithfully and diligently as Dr. Welnak and his father have done for over 60 years. We feel truly honored and blessed by the confidence Dr. Welnak has placed in us.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting us! For more than 20 years, we have offered quality, conservative, and personalized dental care for families. We believe good dentistry is built on a trusting relationship, and we hope that you will trust us with all your, and your family’s, dental needs.

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Our office offers more than 80 years of combined dental experience among the dentist, hygienists, and staff. Dr. Yvonne Stubbs and her dental team are committed to providing high-quality and conservative treatments and services for patients of all ages. Our office is a judgment-free zone. We will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about a treatment plan. Dr. Stubbs knows that dentistry is only one facet of life and will work with you and your family to move at a pace that is comfortable for you. Many of our patients have chosen us as their dentist of choice for decades. From general dentistry treatments to cosmetic services, we hope you choose us as your dentist of choice, too. We look forward to meeting and serving you and your family.

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