West Allis History

Dr. Stubbs and the Stubbs Family Dentistry team are proud to offer our comprehensive and holistic treatments for smiles of all ages in our community. Once known as the “machine shop of the world”, West Allis is a city on the rise, one that is growing every day and bringing in new families from all backgrounds. Small businesses are thriving, and locals and new additions alike are proud to call this community home.

The History of Our Town

Our community has been here since 1837, when it was established as a small village known as Honey Creek. The town had little more than a few shops and a log schoolhouse, with a stagecoach visiting weekly when enroute to Madison. But the town started to grow when the railroad came through in 1880, and was renamed North Greenfield in 1887. Major growth happened again when our city was chosen to host the Wisconsin State Fair in 1891. Industry arrived in 1900, when Charles Allis chose North Greenfield to build a massive Allis Company manufacturing plant. The factory brought in new industries, new workers and their families, and even new railroads. This influx of families to the east part of Greenfield led to it becoming the city of West Allis in 1906. Tumultuous events like World War I and World War II brought major growth, and the city even managed to weather the Great Depression in between, annexing Greenfield and other nearby communities. But the recessions of the 1980s hit the industrial sector hard, concluding with the loss of the town’s namesake, the Allis-Chalmers company.

But that didn’t stop West Allis. Where industry vanished, green spaces and modern housing arrived. The town continued to revitalize itself until our community became the 11th largest city in the state, with a population of 60,000 and growing. Tons of parks, amazing farmers markets, an incredible dining scene, and stunning historic neighborhoods continue to bring people to West Allis!

Come See Us!

We like to make sure our office reflects the vibrant and welcoming environment of our city, so families feel comfortable when they see us for treatment. There is so much to love about our city, and we want to make sure you have your best smile when you hit the streets to take in all this city has to offer!

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