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Keep Your Eye On Your Gum Health!

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Your smile is about more than just your teeth. Without a healthy set of gums, your smile could be at serious risk of deteriorating, so be sure that you are spending enough time caring for your periodontal needs. This all starts with a dedication to your semiannual checkups, and you need to see the dentist… Read more »

Keeping Your Gumline Secure

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The health of your gum tissue is key to the lasting vitality of your smile. When you think about your oral health, you might take immaculate care of your teeth, while neglecting its support. Periodontal care can help you to take control of your dental destiny. Gum disease affects almost half of the adult American… Read more »

Care For Different Stages Of Gum Disease

What kind of care do you need from your dentist to manage problems with your gum health? That answer will depend on your current condition, as a periodontal infection will grow worse over time without the right kind of care. If gingivitis is identified and addressed through a dedicated cleaning, your tissues can heal and… Read more »

Periodontal Care Protects Against Tooth Loss

How important is your periodontal health? If you currently struggle with gum disease, you need to worry about several complications, including tooth loss! Problems with advanced gum disease are the leading cause of tooth loss for adults; if you are not doing enough to protect these tissues now, prosthetic dental work could be in your… Read more »

Scheduling Periodontal Services

Not every problem that concerns your smile has to do with your teeth. It is important that you take your periodontal health seriously. If an infection develops and it is not treated in time, you can experience a more advanced form of gum disease that demands more involved services. Without the appropriate treatment, you are… Read more »

What Is Your Risk For Gum Disease?

Are you looking out for all of the potential smile threats that you face? It is important to take cavities seriously, but remember that this is just one threat to your oral health. You also need to be mindful of your risk for problems with gum disease. Gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, can… Read more »

Why We Offer Multiple Gum Treatments

Through the right preventive services, we can help you protect yourself against the kinds of problems that make restorative treatments necessary. With your oral hygiene routine and regular dental exams, your risk for cavities will lower, which means you are less likely to need a filling or crown. What you should know is that the… Read more »

Addressing Serious Periodontal Problems

The management of your periodontal health plays a more important role in maintaining your general well-being than you might realize. If you suffer from diabetes, gum disease can make managing your condition more difficult. Your infection can also make you more vulnerable to other health issues, and it can give you an elevated risk for… Read more »

How Healthy Gums Benefit Your Smile

What efforts are you making to protect and preserve your smile? When you think about what it takes to keep up with an appearance that makes you confident, you should think about your periodontal as well as your dental health. Problems with your gums can lead to unwelcome cosmetic changes; when they grow more serious,… Read more »

Conservative Care For Periodontitis

Periodontal problems can take a more significant toll on your smile, and your overall health, than you might realize. As an infection worsens, it can create pockets between teeth and gums, destroy tissues that help keep teeth in place, and even make you vulnerable to general health issues. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is… Read more »