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Using A Whitening Kit To Brighten Your Smile

If you can no longer ignore the impact that stains have on your smile, you can be eager to learn about your options for treatment. While there are products available at the grocery store or pharmacy that will help you see some results, they may fall short of delivering your goals for changing your appearance…. Read more »

Taking A Full-Mouth Approach To Cosmetic Care

While cosmetic dental work can sometimes call for the restoration of just one flawed tooth, some patients require more involved services. People with full-mouth cases can benefit from services that address problems with multiple teeth, and they may even benefit from a combination of both cosmetic and restorative treatment. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office… Read more »

Transforming Smiles With Hand-Crafted Porcelain Veneers

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Each of our porcelain veneers will be hand-crafted for your smile, ensuring a lifelike appearance and a balanced bite. We use them to address a wide array of cosmetic issues, from permanent stains to unsightly gaps between teeth. In today’s blog, your West Allis, WI, dentist will discuss how we craft and place our cosmetic… Read more »

Using An At-Home Whitening Treatment

If you want to whiten your teeth at home, do you have to rely on store bought treatment options? While it may be convenient to swing by a grocery store or pharmacy to pick one up, the whitening kits that are available on the shelves can let you down by only offering limited improvements. To… Read more »

Ready To Ask About Dental Veneers?

People decide to talk to their dentist about cosmetic work for different reasons, and under different circumstances. For some, the big motivator is an important upcoming event where they want to look their best. For others, this decision is one that builds gradually due to increasing concerns about discoloration, wear and tear, or another issue…. Read more »

Planning Treatment To Whiten Teeth

If you are tired of trying to whiten your teeth on your own, bring up your dissatisfaction with your enamel color to your West Allis, WI dentist! Plans to whiten your teeth through a professional treatment can lead to exciting changes, and that can give you a significant confidence boost. We offer whitening as one… Read more »

Discussing Veneers And Their Benefits

How do you feel about your smile today? Has your confidence waned over time? Have you always had some doubts about your appearance, and wished you could make improvements? For many different people with different smile concerns, veneers can be an effective cosmetic solution! Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is happy to meet with… Read more »

Completing A Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Are you steadily losing confidence in your smile, or have you always had a certain flaw (or flaws) that you would like to address? While there is no single reason why patients ask about cosmetic dental work, their goals can certainly be similar. At the end of a procedure, your hope can be to show… Read more »

Address Unflattering Wear And Tear With Cosmetic Dental Work

A person who used to love their smile can start to lose faith in their appearance due to the effect of friction on their enamel. The gradual wear and tear you experience can eventually change your appearance to the point where you no longer feel comfortable with the way you look. That friction can make… Read more »

Bring Questions About Teeth Whitening To Your Dentist

Have you noticed that your smile looks duller now than it does in older photos? Are you having a hard time dealing with dental discoloration, even after attempting to fight it with a store bought teeth whitening treatment? The unfortunate truth is that stains can be hard to avoid, and they can be difficult to… Read more »