Category: Dental Discomfort

Smile Repair Doesn’t Mean Discomfort

The dentist gets a unfortunate reputation, thanks mostly to scary depictions in media and bad experiences from childhood. Many adults develop an aversion to visiting the dentist, which only causes them to have more problems with their teeth in the future. If you’ve been worried about seeing the dentist or moving forward with a treatment… Read more »

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

If you have sensitive teeth, you know the game: you have to closely monitor what you eat. Anything too hot, too cold, or too crunchy and your meal will be ruined. It’s no fun to miss out on the foods you love just because your teeth can’t handle the experience. What causes tooth sensitivity? There… Read more »

Tired of Tooth Sensitivity? Talk to Your Dentist

Are you growing tired of altering your diet, all based on your teeth’s noticeable tooth sensitivity? While you might want to ignore the issue, hoping it will simply go away, the teeth lack the ability to repair themselves when damaged. That means you are more likely to struggle with increasing dental issues, including the possibility… Read more »

What Counts as a Serious Dental Emergency?

When you’re experiencing mouth pain or something in your mouth feels just feels plain wrong, it’s hard to know what qualifies as a serious dental emergency. Regardless of the issue, your first course of action should be to call your dentist and schedule an appointment; the patient coordinator will be able to let you know… Read more »

What Makes a Toothache?

When you relieve a headache, it typically won’t bother you anymore, at least until something else gives you a headache. When you have a toothache, however, even temporary relief is no guarantee that the aching is gone for good, or that the reason behind it won’t continue to bother you (and grow worse). To more… Read more »