Smile Repair Doesn’t Mean Discomfort

The dentist gets a unfortunate reputation, thanks mostly to scary depictions in media and bad experiences from childhood. Many adults develop an aversion to visiting the dentist, which only causes them to have more problems with their teeth in the future. If you’ve been worried about seeing the dentist or moving forward with a treatment that you need because of potential pain, you need to read this blog. Repairing your smile doesn’t have to mean discomfort. Choose a dentist who considers your comfort during every step of the process.

Local Anesthetic and Sedation Can Keep You Calm During Procedures

Your dentist wants you to receive the care that your teeth need, so he or she will do everything in their power to make sure you have a good experience. Local anesthetic is a great option for many procedures. By numbing the area that is being treated, you won’t experience any pain during the procedure. Modern dental tools increase precision, meaning shorter recovery timetables after the procedure. Sedation is another excellent option, especially for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. You can take a sedative which will cause you to feel calm and relaxed throughout your procedure.

Dental Implants Can Repair Your Smile Completely

One of the options you have for repairing your smile after tooth loss is a dental implant. Implants are titanium posts that your dentist surgically places in your jawbone. Since the post is imbedded in your bone, it has more stability and functionality than any other dental prosthetic. You’ll be able to eat all of the foods you enjoy with virtually no restrictions after you receive one or multiple dental implants. Your dentist will also fabricate a dental crown to place on top of the titanium post so that your implant matches the esthetic of your other teeth.

Your Dental Implants Will Feel Comfortable in Your Mouth

Not only is your comfort during the procedure important, but your comfort afterward is also paramount. You need your dental prosthetic to fit alongside your other teeth and perform its job. Before your dentist places your dental implant, he or she will take precise measurements of your mouth — the missing tooth, the surrounding teeth, and the gums — to ensure that the implant and crown fit comfortably in place. You’ll feel the strength of a natural tooth after you receive your implant, and you won’t experience any of the slippage that can sometimes come with other prosthetics.

Stubbs Family Dentistry Will Comfortably Repair Your Smile

Dr. Stubbs has taken numerous continuing education courses and workshops about dental implants, because he knows how important this tool is for people with damaged smiles! At Stubbs Family Dentistry, you can receive a comfortable dental prosthetic in a pain-free environment. Schedule an implant consultation at Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI by calling 414-541-8250.