What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

If you have sensitive teeth, you know the game: you have to closely monitor what you eat. Anything too hot, too cold, or too crunchy and your meal will be ruined. It’s no fun to miss out on the foods you love just because your teeth can’t handle the experience. What causes tooth sensitivity? There are a number of reasons you may experience pain, and many of them are preventable if you’re in the know. So here’s a list of the most typical causes of tooth sensitivity, along with steps you can take to prevent pain from taking over your diet.

Exposed Dentin Causes Major Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth decay is a compounding problem. If you have broken or worn-down teeth, the dentin underneath the hard exterior may be exposed. This dentin is highly sensitive and can cause you major pain and sensitivity issues while eating. Fixing this problem is a matter of seeing the dentist for restorative treatment.

Acidic Food and Beverages Can Wear Down the Teeth

This is an easy-enough problem to solve. Coffee and soda are acidic foods that wear on your teeth over time, especially if their residues are left sitting in your mouth. Scaling back on acidic food consumption and brushing your teeth after partaking in these foods can help styme the wear.

Even the Wrong Toothbrush or Brushing Practice Can Lead to Enamel Erosion

Soft toothbrush heads are recommended by dentists because they’re gentle on the mouth. It can be easy to think that the best way to eliminate plaque and tartar is by grinding away at it with your toothbrush. However, a soft brush head and gentle brushing technique are better for your teeth. If you wear away at your enamel, it can expose the sensitive part of your tooth and cause pain.

Ready to Tackle Your Tooth Sensitivity?

You may have spent months or even years dealing with this sensitivity, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your culinary escapades. Dental treatment can help eliminate the pain that comes with tooth sensitivity. Dr. Stubbs is a skilled professional that can help repair your teeth and gums to eliminate tooth sensitivity. If you’re ready to nix the pain, contact the Stubbs Family Dentistry office in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.