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Timely Restorative Work Can Preserve Your Smile

How much good can dental work really do when you have a problem with your smile? Whether your issue is with a cavity or dental injury, our West Allis, WI dental practice can provide support through care that preserves your appearance and also lets you maintain a natural and comfortable bite. Because we offer different… Read more »

Staying Current With Dental Exams

Your dental exams are important because they help you avoid trouble with your dental and periodontal health. By effectively caring for your smile, you can have an easier time maintaining confidence in your appearance, and you can do more to benefit your general well-being than you may realize. Unless told otherwise by your dentist, plan… Read more »

Are You Missing Out On Important Oral Health Reviews?

How sure are you that your smile is in good health? You may not realize that you have a cavity, or that gingivitis has become a concern – if you do not attend regular dental exams, you can remain unaware of these problems until complications occur! At our West Allis, WI dental office, we provide… Read more »

How General Dental Visits Help You Maintain Your Smile

If your teeth are healthy and bright, you can happily show off your smile. If you have problems with wear and tear, if you have accumulated teeth stains that dulled your enamel, or if your teeth look less healthy, you can become understandably self-conscious about the way you look. At our West Allis, WI dentist’s… Read more »

The Value Of Consistency In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Is your oral hygiene routine effective at preventing dental problems? The right actions will lower your risk for the onset of cavities, gum disease, and other issues that call for attention at the dentist’s office. With that said, even the most thorough routine will fall short if you are not following it on a consistent… Read more »

Will The Holiday Season Cause Problems For Your Smile?

The holiday season can mean a break from school for your kids, a break from work for you, and an opportunity for you to indulge in some of your favorite seasonal treats. As exciting as all of these developments can be, they can lead to some trouble for your smile if you are not careful!… Read more »

How Dental Checkups Keep Your Teeth Safe From Cavities

What are you currently doing to protect yourself against cavities? Proper preventive care calls for good daily habits. Each day, you should take care of food particles and growing bacteria on your teeth by brushing and flossing. Flossing once a day and brushing twice will create an important first line of defense around your smile,… Read more »

Will My Dentist Be Able To Keep Me Safe From Gum Disease?

How much oral health support are you really receiving at a typical dental checkup? During preventive exams, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is focused on keeping your smile safe against multiple threats. In addition to helping you avoid dental decay, we address plaque and tartar buildup through regular teeth cleanings, and we also look… Read more »

Do You Make These Mistakes While Brushing Your Teeth?

What can you do to keep a healthy smile? In addition to brushing and flossing, you should stay consistent with dental exams as well as daily oral hygiene. You also need to think about the impact that your diet is having on your smile. In some cases, people seem to stay fully on top of… Read more »

What You Lose By Not Scheduling Regular Dental Exams

Are you asking too much of your daily oral hygiene routine? You should feel confident that your oral hygiene routine and diet choices are keeping you safe against problems that could affect your dental health. However, you should also recognize the value of seeing your dentist for regular checkups. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office… Read more »