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Will My Dentist Be Able To Keep Me Safe From Gum Disease?

How much oral health support are you really receiving at a typical dental checkup? During preventive exams, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is focused on keeping your smile safe against multiple threats. In addition to helping you avoid dental decay, we address plaque and tartar buildup through regular teeth cleanings, and we also look… Read more »

Problems With Stress Management Can Affect Your Smile

Having problems controlling your stress levels? If you are, you should know that the issue can begin to affect your dental health. One reason for this is because stress can create problems for your energy levels, and may encourage changes in your diet that negatively affect your ability to prevent tooth decay. You can also… Read more »

Making Positive Adjustments To Your Daily Oral Care Routine

How much thought have you recently given to your oral care routine? Many people grow comfortable with their habits, and do not give them a second thought…until they learn they have a cavity that requires treatment! If you take the time to evaluate your normal habits and look for ways to improve your oral health… Read more »