Keeping Your Gumline Secure

Transparent Test West Allis WIThe health of your gum tissue is key to the lasting vitality of your smile. When you think about your oral health, you might take immaculate care of your teeth, while neglecting its support. Periodontal care can help you to take control of your dental destiny. Gum disease affects almost half of the adult American population, and this common condition is a leading cause of tooth decay.

At Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, we understand the importance of healthy gums. This condition can place your teeth at significant risk and can even affect other areas of your body. Spend the time now and reap the lasting benefits of diligent periodontal care. Start with a deep cleaning to remove debris and food particles from the gumline. Plaque and tartar can be particularly damaging at this location, as it may be difficult to clean. Speak with us about further periodontal care to restore your gums!

Notice Gingivitis Early Through Preventive Action

The consistent maintenance of your gumline is helpful in avoiding future restorative procedures. Periodontal disease is a common condition, yet many people ignore the signs until their infection becomes severe. Gingivitis refers to the initial phase of this disease.

If you notice swelling or discomfort along your gumline, it could be a result of bacterial growth. Bleeding during brushing is another cause for concern. Your smile should be able to withstand vigorous brushing, so this might result from irritation. Speak with a trained dentist about how dedicated periodontal care can help you keep a safe gumline.

Discuss Your Options At Your Appointment

When you speak with your dental provider about your periodontal disease, start an open and honest dialog about your oral health. You have an opportunity to reassess your home dental care in order to more properly keep your gumline free of food particles. Scaling and root planing address the buildup of plaque and tartar at this location, and you might have heard of this as a deep cleaning. This process can help you through the removal of acidic bacterial waste, which is a key component of your tooth decay.

For the restoration of your gumline, we offer advancements to bring you the best care possible. In deeper pockets, laser technology can target areas that are hard to physically reach. This technique also brings your provider greater precision so they can eradicate bacteria and give your gums the chance to thrive.

Dedicated Periodontal Care In West Allis, WI

The treatment of your periodontal disease can help you to maintain a healthy smile. This condition is a leading cause of tooth decay and can even put your overall health at risk. Discuss your options during your examination. Call Dr. Stubbs in West Allis, WI at (414) 541-8250 for more information or to schedule an appointment.