A More Private Alignment Treatment

Aligners West Allis WIAlignment concerns affect people of all ages, yet there is a stigma around the treatment of this concern. Traditional braces can be seen as juvenile, and sometimes this can dissuade potential patients from seeking care for their malocclusion. If you are a young professional or an older adult, you might be looking for a suitable method of bringing your smile into focus. ClearCorrect® aligners help by gently repositioning the teeth along the oral ridge.

Subtly adjust your smile and bring back balance to your bite through this process at Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI. The correction of your alignment can help you to improve both your appearance and your oral wellness stability. Proper placement of the teeth within the mouth can give you a greater ability of keeping your smile safe using routine home oral hygiene. Look and feel anew with ClearCorrect® aligners so that you can have a balanced and beautiful smile. Your alignment matters and there is an accessible option!

Alignment Is Not Just A Cosmetic Issue

Malocclusion is the improper placement of teeth that affects the ability to close the mouth. This is a serious condition that can cause several concerns. Bite imbalance can lead to overuse and extra wear in certain locations. Your smile is designed to spread the stress of chewing across the jaw. If one or a few teeth take all of the collision, it may wear that location down significantly.

Alignment treatment with ClearCorrect® aligners can help with both malocclusion and more minor imbalance. Speak with your qualified dental health provider about how this technology can help you to address your concern. Do it in a discreet way with clear trays that are nearly invisible.

How Clear Aligners Work

These helpful appliances gently reposition the teeth alongside the oral ridge. Unlike with traditional braces, these hug the teeth snugly. This approach means a great amount of surface area in which to absorb the tension of this process. This is shown to be more comfortable on average for patients.

Clear aligner treatment also helps to keep your procedure private. If you are an adult, navigating the professional world can be stressful enough. Retain and improve your confidence with a more aligned smile. Speak with more conviction when you are proud to show off your teeth!

You will keep these trays in your mouth for most of the day. The two times when they need to be removed are during meals and while brushing your teeth. Beyond that, you will allow these aligner trays to do their job, even during sleep!

Positive Alignment Therapy In West Allis, WI

Alignment treatment can boost your self-esteem while working to ensure a brightr future for your smile. Prevent harmful bacteria growth and give yourself the ability to fully brush and floss. Speak to Dr. Stubbs in West Allis, WI at (414) 541-8250 about how clear aligners could help you.