Do You Make These Mistakes While Brushing Your Teeth?

What can you do to keep a healthy smile? In addition to brushing and flossing, you should stay consistent with dental exams as well as daily oral hygiene. You also need to think about the impact that your diet is having on your smile. In some cases, people seem to stay fully on top of their oral health needs, but make certain mistakes in their brushing routine that hurt their oral health. Fixing these errors can improve your oral hygiene and make you less likely to need restorative dental work in the future. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is here to help those who want to make sure they are doing a truly effective job caring for their teeth. We can offer input during your routine dental exams, and help you find issues that should be corrected!

Are You Brushing With Too Much Force?

Enamel erosion can happen slowly over time. The problem is a difficult one to avoid completely. Friction from biting and chewing food several times a day can gradually wear away layers of this hard substance, though the process can be slow and slight enough to escape your notice. However, there are behaviors that make you more vulnerable to the problem. If you brush with too much force, you create more friction that your teeth have to endure, and this can make erosion a more serious concern. Erosion can make it harder to avoid cavities, and it can make you more likely to pick up teeth stains!

Are You Cutting Your Brushing Sessions Short?

How long do you spend brushing your teeth? If you were asked to brush continuously for two minutes, how would you feel? This is the length of time you should consistently commit to cleaning your smile. If you cut your time short, you can fail to fully clean parts of your smile that are more difficult to reach, leading to issues with tartar formation.

Are You Using The Same Brush For Too Long?

While brushes with soft bristles are capable of cleaning your smile effectively, any brush that is used for too long can become less useful. Wearing down the bristles leads to a less thorough approach to smile care, leaving you more likely to have problems that must be addressed at future dental visits. Drop an old brush after three months of use – do this before the three month mark if the bristles start to look worn down sooner.

Your West Allis, WI Dentist Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Smile Care Needs

Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is prepared to help patients stay on top of their smile care needs. To learn how we can help you avoid problems with tartar buildup, tooth decay, and other concerns, please contact Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.