The Value Of Consistency In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Is your oral hygiene routine effective at preventing dental problems? The right actions will lower your risk for the onset of cavities, gum disease, and other issues that call for attention at the dentist’s office. With that said, even the most thorough routine will fall short if you are not following it on a consistent basis! In a surprisingly short time, plaque formation can harden and leave you with tartar on your teeth. If this happens, you will not be able to remove these deposits on your own, which means you remain vulnerable to oral health issues. In addition to caring for your smile consistently at home, make sure that you see your West Allis, WI dentist’s office for routine evaluations.

Breaks In Your Oral Hygiene Routine Can Lead To Tartar Formation

Even if the break is short, an interruption in your oral hygiene routine makes you vulnerable to trouble. Plaque formations that you do not remove in a timely manner will harden. That results in the formation of tartar, a substance that will not budge despite your efforts to remove it while brushing and flossing. Until you have your teeth professionally cleaned, deposits will remain in place. In addition to tartar formation, you also make yourself vulnerable to periodontal problems when your oral hygiene routine is disrupted. Here are a few issues that can affect a person’s commitment to good habits:

  • Travel
  • A change in your stress levels
  • Fatigue that makes focusing on oral hygiene difficult at the start or end of the day
  • A change in your diet

What Does Your Current Approach To Dental Care Look Like?

To effectively clean your teeth, prevent tartar formation, and avoid difficulties that require restorative dentistry, there are several practices that you should put in place. One thing to do is make sure that you floss every night. When flossing is not treated like a fixed part of your routine, you are less equipped to deal with food particle buildup and bacteria accumulation between teeth. Make sure that you also brush at least twice a day, and that you are as thorough as possible when working your brush across all surfaces of all of your teeth.

Stay Consistent With Dental Exams

Every dental exam provides you with feedback about your oral health, a thorough cleaning, and a chance to talk about any active smile concerns that you have. Consistent cleanings remove tartar deposits that make you vulnerable to decay and gum disease, while exams lead to the early detection and treatment of problems. When problems with tooth decay go undetected over time, problems can become so serious that the only treatment option left is to extract and replace your tooth!

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