Can A Lack Of Proper Rest Lead To Potential Dental Problems?

Just one night of poor sleep can be enough to give you a clear picture of how fatigue can affect a person. If you frequently struggle to enjoy a full night’s rest, you can have regular bouts of fatigue, irritability, lack of focus, and other issues. While people can respond to a lack of sleep in different ways, this problem can often impact how someone might address their daily responsibilities. Because lack of sleep can leave you groggy in the morning and exhausted at night, it may even affect your ability to practice good oral hygiene. In between regular dental exams with your West Allis, WI dentist’s office, you should have a good regimen in place for cleaning and protecting your smile. If it is interrupted, you can be more likely to need cavity treatment during a future appointment! (more…)

My Tooth Feels Loose After An Injury – What Can I Do?

While our teeth are protected by the strength of their enamel, injuries still happen, and they can cause big problems for your appearance and oral health. It can be particularly upsetting to have a tooth feel loose after dental trauma. Even though it is still in place, you can be understandably worried about potential complications. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office can examine the tooth and find the right way to restore your smile in this situation. Saving the tooth may involve more than just keeping it secure – physical damage can lead to an internal problem that needs to be addressed to stop complications from occurring. Because we use modern restorations when addressing different dental problems, we can take care to save your smile while working to save your tooth. (more…)

Should You Put More Time Into Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

While some days can inevitably be busier than others, the time and energy you put into caring for your smile should be consistent. Oral bacteria accumulate and multiply in our mouths every day. If you are not doing enough to keep your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, those bacteria can cause problems like tartar formation, tooth decay, and periodontal problems. One important thing to remember when it comes to preventing dental problems is that a good brushing routine can depend on thoroughness. It should take you at least two minutes to fully clean your smile whenever you brush. Attempting to make the process faster by brushing more aggressively can be ineffective, and it can actually lead to excess wear and tear on your enamel. In addition to providing routine reviews and cleanings during a dental checkup, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office can offer tips to make your brushing and flossing efforts more effective. (more…)

A Problem With A Dental Restoration Should Not Be Ignored

How confident are you that you can put bite pressure on a tooth that is restored with a dental filling or dental crown? If you are taking care to avoid using a restored tooth to bite and chew because you worry about potential damage, you should bring the matter up with your West Allis, WI dentist’s office. Damaged, loose, or lost dental restorations put teeth at considerable risk for problems. Until you do something about this matter, you can face a risk for physical damage or infection that can create unwelcome oral health issues. With a new restoration, we can make sure that your tooth is once again enjoying the support that it requires! You should know that as a patient, you can contact us to arrange urgent care if you feel that the matter is a dental emergency. (more…)

We Can Help Our Patients When They Need Urgent Dental Work

Dental pain can be an intrusive problem. Eating and speaking can become difficult, and you may have a difficult time concentrating on something other than your discomfort. For bouts of serious dental pain, or for injuries that cause dental damage, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is prepared to offer treatment. Our patients can depend on us in a situation that seems to call for emergency dental work. Being able to quickly see your dentist about a problem can effectively limit the time you spend in pain, and it can ensure that a dental problem is resolved before there are worrying complications. (more…)

Dietary Choices Impact Oral Health

The choices you make on a daily basis can impact your overall oral health. Of course, choosing to brush and floss your teeth can go a long way toward stopping cavities, but even dietary choices can impact your oral health. Eating foods that are sticky and sugary can cause your teeth to become saturated with substances that bacteria feed on as they grow. Acidic foods can contribute to the wear of your enamel. Being conscious of your dietary choices can lead you to a brighter oral health future. (more…)

Dental Crowns Are Up for the Job

Dental crowns are used to treat a variety of oral health conditions. They’re incredibly versatile — they can be used to protect a damaged tooth, improve the esthetics of patients’ smiles, and complete dental implants. If you have a serious oral health need, dental crowns are likely up for the job. What’s important is visiting your dentist early if you notice a problem with your teeth. Linger tooth sensitivity or pain, inflamed oral tissue — these are signs that something may be wrong, and you’ll want your dentist to take a look sooner rather than later. (more…)

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants require surgery, which can make some patients wary about the treatment. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically set in the patient’s jawbone. The process typically requires anesthesia and a long recovery time as the implant heals. If you’re going to undergo that type of treatment, you want to be sure that you’re choosing an option that will last. You may have had to replace dental fillings or crowns in the past. Will you have to do the same with your dental implant? Here’s what you can expect from this prosthetic. (more…)

Don’t Dread Dental Fillings

Many individuals dread the idea of needing restorative dental treatment. If you have cavities or other oral health problems, they will necessitate additional treatment. Don’t dread additional treatment like dental fillings, because dental fillings will help your teeth get back to their best. Plus, putting off dental fillings will only lead to more extensive oral health needs. Tooth decay is a progressive condition, so the longer you wait to treat it, the more extensive the damage will be. If your dentist finds a cavity, have it filled as soon as possible for the best prognosis. (more…)

Detecting Oral Health Problems Early Is Key

With nearly any sort of medical condition, catching the problem early on is best for your outlook as a patient. That’s absolutely true when it comes to all kinds of oral health problems. Tooth decay is a progressive condition that continues to get worse over time. That means that the longer you go without realising you have a problem, or the longer you wait to address the problem, the more serious your issues will become. Detecting oral health problems early is key, and you can do so by making regular visits to your dentist and taking advantage of detection technology. (more…)