Month: August 2017

Need to Complete Your Smile After Suffering Tooth Loss?

Think that senior adults are the only ones to suffer from tooth loss? If so, think again. There is no age requirement for struggling with an incomplete smile. Trauma, tooth decay, and gum disease can all cause tooth loss. If unaddressed, some dental issues including gum disease can even cause total loss of teeth. Fortunately,… Read more »

Tired of Tooth Sensitivity? Talk to Your Dentist

Are you growing tired of altering your diet, all based on your teeth’s noticeable tooth sensitivity? While you might want to ignore the issue, hoping it will simply go away, the teeth lack the ability to repair themselves when damaged. That means you are more likely to struggle with increasing dental issues, including the possibility… Read more »

Need to Complete Your Smile After Tooth Loss?

Are you getting tired of eating only soft foods, like bread, and avoiding many of your favorite meals, like steak, all because of your incomplete smile? Tooth loss can do much more than cause cosmetic embarrassment, or even dietary changes. It can make it incredibly difficult or even uncomfortable to chew. Fortunately, tooth loss doesn’t… Read more »

Is It Time to Schedule a Dental Appointment?

When was the last time you saw your family dentist? Were bell bottom pants in fashion, for the first time? Did phones only come attached to the wall? While those may be extreme examples, the fact is that if you have not yet seen your dentist this year, then you are already overdue for a… Read more »