Need to Complete Your Smile After Suffering Tooth Loss?

Need to Complete Your Smile After Suffering Tooth Loss?
Think that senior adults are the only ones to suffer from tooth loss? If so, think again. There is no age requirement for struggling with an incomplete smile. Trauma, tooth decay, and gum disease can all cause tooth loss. If unaddressed, some dental issues including gum disease can even cause total loss of teeth. Fortunately, if you have lost a tooth, you don’t have to settle for an incomplete smile. Modern dental prostheses can help to restore the smile securely, so you can get back to smiling confidently and comfortably!

Completing the Smile Is Important Functionally and Cosmetically

One important thing to keep in mind is that completing your smile after tooth loss is about reaping more than just cosmetic benefits. Completing the smile using a dental prostheses can also help to restore the functionality of your smile, by improving your ability to chew effectively and comfortably. Dental prostheses also help to prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment, which can create a whole host of dental issues, including problems chewing, teeth grinding and jaw pain.

Enjoy a Natural-looking and Stable Solution

Plus, modern dental restorations can be carefully designed to look and feel natural, allowing for confidence and comfort, which are both important. Partial and full dentures, for instance, can provide fast and affordable solutions for addressing a missing tooth or several teeth. That said, many prefer the added stability that dental bridges or implants can provide. Dental implants, in particular, are considered incredibly stable as well as long-lasting.

Want to Complete Your Smile?

Dr. Stubbs provides a number of prosthetic options which can help to complete a smile after tooth loss. To schedule a prosthetic consultation with Michael E. Flynn, DDS, call our office at 414-541-8250. Our office gladly welcomes patients from West Allis, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and all Western Milwaukee communities.