Need to Complete Your Smile After Tooth Loss?

Need to Complete Your Smile After Tooth Loss?Are you getting tired of eating only soft foods, like bread, and avoiding many of your favorite meals, like steak, all because of your incomplete smile? Tooth loss can do much more than cause cosmetic embarrassment, or even dietary changes. It can make it incredibly difficult or even uncomfortable to chew. Fortunately, tooth loss doesn’t have to mean the end of your smile as you knew it. Dental implants are a secure and confidence-inducing way to cope with tooth loss. In fact, they could help you to truly rebound!

A Dental Implant Is a Wonderful Long-term Solution

While there are a number of different ways to complete one’s smile after tooth loss, dental implants are largely considered the most stable and secure option available. That is because implants are the only form of prostheses that are held firmly in place with the use of a mimic tooth root, one that is created using a biocompatible material that can be surgically inserted into the jawline. This mimic root is designed to last a lifetime, and once the soft tissue have grown around it, a stable base is formed on which a replacement tooth can be affixed.

You Can Address Several Missing Teeth with a Single Implant

While implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, they can also help to complete a smile after the loss of several teeth or even an entire arch of teeth. In other words, dental implants can be used with pontics, or partial or full dentures, to help fully restore the smile.

Ready to Schedule Prosthetic Treatment?

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