Month: February 2017

Wondering If You Could Complete Your Smile Securely?

Do you remember how you felt the first time you lost a tooth, the mix of excitement at reaching such a rite of passage and anticipation at the thought of a visit from The Tooth Fairy? What about how you felt the first time you lost a tooth, as an adult? Sadly, adult tooth loss… Read more »

Want to Achieve a Brighter, Whiter Smile?

Award season is in full-swing, now, and that means you may soon find yourself glued to the TV watching your favorite stars walk the red carpet. If you are more mesmerized by their smiles, than the fashion, could it be due to your own dental insecurity? Over time, many people notice their own smiles appear… Read more »

You Can Help Protect Your Smile with Three Simple Steps

Did you commit to taking better care of yourself in 2017? If so, you may have started by trying to eat healthier and working out more. You might even have taken up yoga or dancing, as ways to relieve stress and to burn calories. Daily walks with your dog may also have become a favorite… Read more »

Do You Need a Dental Bridge or Dental Implant?

Did you lose a tooth in 2016, or have to schedule an extraction to deal with an abscessed or otherwise damaged tooth? If so, are you determined to complete your smile in 2017? While dentures might be the first option that comes to mind, there are many compelling reasons to consider the more secure alternative… Read more »