Are You A Good Candidate For Implants?

West Allis, WI offers implants

When you have missing teeth, it can cause several problems. Your confidence may be lowered, it may be difficult to eat certain foods, and it can change the way you speak. Replacement options such as dentures can be helpful, but these must be removed daily. If you are interested in a sturdier solution, dental implants may be a helpful alternative. Today, your Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, is here to discuss who can receive this type of prosthetic.

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How Implants Compare To Other Options

There are multiple options available to fill the gaps in your smile. One example is a bridge. This replacement option uses the adjacent teeth to hold the fixture in place. While this is a great solution for patients with one or more missing structures in a row, you must have healthy surrounding teeth for it to be effective. Dentures are another alternative, but unfortunately, this prosthetic does not replace the root of the tooth.

The root is an essential part of your tooth’s structure. This part keeps your pearly white in place and keeps your jaw strong. Without it, your jaw can lose its strength, and further tooth loss may occur. The post in an implant can fuse to your jawbone and recreate the root. As a result, the jawbone can be stimulated and prevent bone loss.

Before Receiving Implants

It is important that you have healthy gums before a replacement option can begin. During your consultation, your dentist will examine your oral cavity and go over your health history. If you have conditions such as periodontal disease, you will not be able to receive an implant. This disease can cause your gingival tissue to be sensitive and it may recede over time. If this happens, the post will not have the stability it needs to remain in place. In addition to this, you may not be able to receive implants if you have cavities on your existing teeth or have other health complications.

If you are in good health and your gums are in solid condition, the process can move forward. This process can take several months from start to finish. After your consultation, it may be recommended that some existing teeth be removed. Then, an oral surgery appointment will be scheduled to place the post. There will need to be a waiting period between this and the next step for the post to fuse to the bone. Once this has happened, the abutment can be placed, and finally the crown.

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