west allis tooth extraction

When Your Smile Benefits From Tooth Extraction

west allis tooth extraction

When possible, we use crowns and fillings to repair and treat teeth so we can preserve them and prevent tooth loss. But what happens when a tooth is severely damaged or too infected to be treated with crowns or even root canals? To protect your smile, your West Allis, WI, dentist may conduct a tooth extraction.

The Reasons a Tooth Requires Removal

As we mentioned above, when a tooth cannot be adequately treated and repaired, this means staying in place could enable harmful infection to reach other parts of the smile and further impact your overall health and smile stability. We could also take out teeth loosened by gum disease, or to make room for your orthodontic treatments. Extraction could also prevent wisdom tooth impaction, in which your wisdom teeth only partially erupt, which could lead to painful symptoms, infections, damaged teeth, and misalignment. Often, taking out a tooth could help protect you from serious and painful complications.

Planning Your Tooth Removal

As with any oral surgery, we will plan the process in detail. To begin, we will take detailed digital x-rays and images of your smile, so we can pinpoint the position of the tooth in question, and ensure we avoid nerve tissues, blood vessels, or sinus cavities. We will administer a local anesthesia to the area and also offer sedation to ensure you’re calm and comfortable, and have little to no memory of the experience. Every smile is unique, so we always take time to plan your procedure and offer a personalized approach to your dental care.

What Happens Following Tooth Extraction?

Our team will remove the tooth with a pair of forceps, and then suture the area closed. A friend or family member will take you home, as time is needed for the sedation to wear off completely. We will provide detailed care instructions and prescriptions for any necessary medications. Once you’re home., rest and take any recommended medications as instructed. Eat only soft foods, don’t use straws or poke the site with your tongue, and be very gentle when brushing and flossing. We want a clot to form as part of the healing process, and dislodging it could cause a painful dry socket.

Our team will remove sutures in a follow-up visit, and most people return to normal activities in 24 to 48 hours. If you have any questions about our tooth extraction procedure, or if you have a serious issue that needs attention, then contact our team today to learn more.


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