Month: January 2017

Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?

Did you recently chip or crack a tooth while eating? Were you involved in an accident at work, a car wreck, or a sports injury that affected your smile? Do you suspect you could have a very severe cavity, but have not yet sought help from your restorative dentist? Many people suffer from tooth damage,… Read more »

Enjoy Renewed Confidence with a Beautiful Restoration

Do you wish you could chew more comfortably, namely without the discomfort you feel due to an untreated cavity? What about smiling? Do you long to smile confidently, without worrying that people will notice your metal filling or dental crown? There are a number of reasons to see a restorative dentist, such as after an… Read more »

Is Getting a Dental Crown Going to Hurt?

Do you fear that you might be in need of restorative dental treatment, like a dental crown? Are you worried that the treatment will be painful, or that your smile will look or feel different following the treatment? Modern dental restorations are designed to be comfortable and confidence-inducing. By choosing a dental crown crafted to… Read more »

Senior Dental Health: Medications

As you get older it is likely your doctor will begin prescribing medications for things such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other ailments that come with age. That’s just a hard truth. The upside is, they can improve your quality of life, and the downside is that they can wreak havoc on your oral… Read more »