Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?

Could a Crown Improve Your SmileDid you recently chip or crack a tooth while eating? Were you involved in an accident at work, a car wreck, or a sports injury that affected your smile? Do you suspect you could have a very severe cavity, but have not yet sought help from your restorative dentist? Many people suffer from tooth damage, either caused by an accident or acidic erosion. Fortunately, porcelain crowns are often an effective and cosmetically-pleasing form of treatment. So, if you suspect your smile is in need of restoration, it is wise to talk to your dentist about how a dental crown might be able to help.

What Makes Crowns Such Versatile Treatment?

Dental crowns are one of the most effective ways of addressing a variety of problems, because they are made to be both natural-looking and long-lasting. For instance, porcelain crowns can last for ten years or more with proper preventive care. Porcelain can also be carefully crafted to look like one’s natural smile, allowing for comfort and confidence when chewing and smiling.

In the case of cavities, a crown helps to prevent further exposure to food, air and bacteria that could cause pain or even lead to infection.

When a tooth is chipped or cracked, a crown can help to prevent the issue from worsening over time, and with wear.

Have You Become Unhappy with an Existing Prosthetic?

Many people don’t realize that crowns can even be effective ways of completing a smile after tooth loss, as crowns can be used to create dental bridges, which help to span gaps created by missing teeth.