Enjoy Renewed Confidence with a Beautiful Restoration

Renewed Confidence with a  Dental RestorationDo you wish you could chew more comfortably, namely without the discomfort you feel due to an untreated cavity? What about smiling? Do you long to smile confidently, without worrying that people will notice your metal filling or dental crown? There are a number of reasons to see a restorative dentist, such as after an accident to check for intrinsic damage to a tooth, or to repair a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or impacted by a cavity. Fortunately, whether you are in need of fresh restoration, or looking to update outdated dental work, your restorative dentist can help to address your concerns with beautiful, even seamless restorative options!

Address Dental Problems with Beautiful Results

If you are diagnosed with a cavity, a dental filling will most likely be the recommend form of restoration. Fortunately, modern dental fillings can be made of a tooth-colored material called composite resin, which is not only more natural-looking than metal, but it offers several other benefits, as well. Resin bonds tightly with teeth, allowing more of the healthy tooth to be preserved. It also conducts less heat than metal, allowing for better comfort.

In the case of dental crowns, porcelain is a wonderful option because it can be customized to look natural. It is also durable and stain resistant, allowing for many years of protection from further decay or worsening of chips and cracks, with wear.

Update an Old-fashioned Restoration

Another reason to consider talking to your dentist about a modern dental restoration is if you are ready to update an outdated or ill-fitting restoration, such as a metal amalgam filling or a metal crown.