Month: October 2016

Is It Time for Restorative Dentistry?

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If it has been more than six months since your last checkup and cleaning, you are already overdue for an appointment. Unfortunately, this could mean that when you do see your dentist you might be in need of more than just preventive treatment. You could find… Read more »

What’s Really In a Dental Crown?

Are you concerned that you may soon need restorative treatment, like a dental crown? Perhaps you have existing dental work that has either become uncomfortable, or which has been an ongoing source of embarrassment. Many patients complain about metal dental work, like fillings and crowns, because of its obvious appearance, and even its high conductivity… Read more »

Could You Do More to Prevent Dental Problems?

Are you concerned about developing dental cavities? Many people, both children and adults alike, struggle with decay that can cause discomfort, discoloration, and eventually the need for extensive restorative treatment, such as root canal therapy to address an infection. In fact, some recent medical studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of adults will be diagnosed… Read more »

Could You Smile More Confidently with Dental Treatment?

Many people don’t think about the psychological toll that badly damaged or visibly unhealthy teeth can have on their self-esteem. But both functionally and cosmetically, the side effects of decayed, damaged or simply dirty teeth can be far-reaching, making it difficult to perform many daily tasks, much less to take the risks so often called… Read more »

Is It Time for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

When you look in the mirror, is the first thing you notice the deep staining on your teeth? Even while enjoying time with friends, do you sometimes find yourself trying to hide your smile, because of how embarrassed you feel by your less-than-pearly whites? Discoloration can make it extremely difficult to smile confidently. Fortunately, it… Read more »