Is It Time for Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Could Whitening Help You?When you look in the mirror, is the first thing you notice the deep staining on your teeth? Even while enjoying time with friends, do you sometimes find yourself trying to hide your smile, because of how embarrassed you feel by your less-than-pearly whites? Discoloration can make it extremely difficult to smile confidently. Fortunately, it is possible to help reverse stains through professional teeth whitening treatment. Sure, there are over-the-counter products that promise to lighten teeth. However, few of these OTC products can produce the same kind of results as professional whitening treatment, so if you are looking to create dramatic results, quickly, it is time to consider professional whitening.

Are Your Teeth Looking Aged, Yellow or Dark?

Teeth are strong and naturally resistant to stains, but because they are porous the foods you consume, and especially the beverages you drink, can begin to stain the teeth over time. Certain products are more prone to cause staining, which is why some people seem to suffer from premature aging of their teeth. Sodas, dark teas, coffee, and tobacco products, for instance, can all lead to staining.

Could Your Teeth Stains Be Reversed?

Many tooth stains, even those that are incredibly dark or deeply set, can be reversed through professional whitening treatment. That is because professional whitening is designed to break down surface stains, and then dramatically lighten the teeth. In fact, professional whitening can often lighten teeth by more than eight shades.

If you are seeking quick results, professional whitening is a great cosmetic dental solution.