What’s Really In a Dental Crown?

What's Actually In a Dental Crown?Are you concerned that you may soon need restorative treatment, like a dental crown? Perhaps you have existing dental work that has either become uncomfortable, or which has been an ongoing source of embarrassment. Many patients complain about metal dental work, like fillings and crowns, because of its obvious appearance, and even its high conductivity level, which can cause discomfort while eating. Fortunately, modern dental restorations can be made of more cosmetically-pleasing and comfortable materials, so you can smile confidently!

Porcelain Is a Popular Material

While dental crowns were once made predominantly of metal, most dentists now offer crowns in a variety of materials, including metal, but also zirconia, and one of the most popular of the options is actually porcelain. That is because porcelain is designed to create a natural-looking restoration, one that allows for confidence when smiling. A porcelain crown can be carefully crafted to match the teeth in shape, size, contouring and even sheen, allowing patients to smile confidently knowing their dental work will not be easily noticeable.

Plus, since porcelain conducts less heat than metal, many patients find these crowns more comfortable as well.

What Can Crowns Do for You?

Another benefit of crowns is that they can be used to effectively protect teeth that have been negatively impacted in a variety of ways, such as after deep cavities have left a tooth vulnerable to infection, in the case of chips or cracks to prevent the damage from worsening with time and wear, and even after root canal treatment to restore comfort, chewing abilities, and the look of the smile.