How Important is a Healthy, Confident Smile?

businesswoman with healthy confident smileYou might instinctively realize that, when your dental health is good and your smile is bright and confident, your own self-confidence and outward appearance are greatly enhanced. What you might not realize is the actual importance of maintaining a healthy, confident smile, and how it can affect not just your self-image, but also most major aspects of your quality of life.   (more…)

A True-or-False Quiz on Tooth Abscesses

AbscessA tooth abscess is a potentially serious and severe infection which generally results from untreated tooth decay. Your mouth is full of many types of bacteria. When a tooth becomes abscessed, the pulp beneath the tooth is infected. The abscess usually fills with pus and can become quite painful. As with any infection in your body, a common symptom is a general malaise or feeling unwell. The abscess will most likely need to be drained and antibiotics administered in an attempt to save your tooth. In some cases, this won’t be possible. Test your knowledge on abscesses with a true or false quiz.


Q1. True or false – Dental abscesses only involve a tooth but no other tissues.

Q2. True or false – P. Gingivalis is the clinical name for the bacteria which cause cavities. (more…)