Month: August 2020

Are You Currently Doing Enough To Prevent Cavities?

You can confirm that your smile is healthy by attending a routine dental checkup and receiving important feedback from your dentist. Routine exams provide important feedback about the condition of your smile as well as protection through thorough teeth cleanings. While consistent exams will help you avoid problems, a good strategy for cavity prevention is… Read more »

Arranging The Restoration Of An Injured Tooth

While dental decay is a common cause of problems that call for restorative dentistry, patients sometimes require their dentist’s attention because of physical trauma. Like cavities, injuries cause damages that can result in permanent changes to your tooth structure. A chipped or cracked tooth, or one with a portion of enamel broken off, may require… Read more »

We Can Address Your Growing Concerns About Teeth Stains

A smile that used to light up a room can start to appear dim as the years pass. The steady buildup of teeth stains that hurt the quality of your appearance can be difficult to address. New stains can form even as you maintain a smile care routine that keeps you free of cavities. You… Read more »

Do You Make These Mistakes While Brushing Your Teeth?

What can you do to keep a healthy smile? In addition to brushing and flossing, you should stay consistent with dental exams as well as daily oral hygiene. You also need to think about the impact that your diet is having on your smile. In some cases, people seem to stay fully on top of… Read more »