Month: April 2020

My Tooth Feels Loose After An Injury – What Can I Do?

While our teeth are protected by the strength of their enamel, injuries still happen, and they can cause big problems for your appearance and oral health. It can be particularly upsetting to have a tooth feel loose after dental trauma. Even though it is still in place, you can be understandably worried about potential complications…. Read more »

Should You Put More Time Into Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

While some days can inevitably be busier than others, the time and energy you put into caring for your smile should be consistent. Oral bacteria accumulate and multiply in our mouths every day. If you are not doing enough to keep your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, those bacteria can cause problems like tartar… Read more »

A Problem With A Dental Restoration Should Not Be Ignored

How confident are you that you can put bite pressure on a tooth that is restored with a dental filling or dental crown? If you are taking care to avoid using a restored tooth to bite and chew because you worry about potential damage, you should bring the matter up with your West Allis, WI… Read more »