A Problem With A Dental Restoration Should Not Be Ignored

How confident are you that you can put bite pressure on a tooth that is restored with a dental filling or dental crown? If you are taking care to avoid using a restored tooth to bite and chew because you worry about potential damage, you should bring the matter up with your West Allis, WI dentist’s office. Damaged, loose, or lost dental restorations put teeth at considerable risk for problems. Until you do something about this matter, you can face a risk for physical damage or infection that can create unwelcome oral health issues. With a new restoration, we can make sure that your tooth is once again enjoying the support that it requires! You should know that as a patient, you can contact us to arrange urgent care if you feel that the matter is a dental emergency.

A Problem With A Restoration Can Be A Serious Issue For Your Tooth

Without the appropriate support of a dental filling or dental crown, a restored tooth can be at risk for serious issues. There is a possibility for infection that should concern you in this situation. When an infection forms, it can lead to increasing discomfort as well as the risk for bacteria to spread further. You can also be more prone to physical damage that leads to new problems for your tooth.

Replacing An Older Dental Filling Or Crown

An older filling or crown may need to be replaced in order to ensure that your tooth has enough support. As with a tooth receiving its first restoration, we will take care to provide a durable, custom appliance for long-term protection. Patients with older restorations made from metal can be excited to learn about the cosmetic benefits of this work. Because we use lifelike materials when restoring teeth, we can perform care to improve your tooth’s appearance while protecting it.

What If I Have An Issue With My Dental Prosthetic?

If you have a problem with a dental prosthetic, bring it to your dentist’s attention. You should be careful not to put pressure on it, as you could damage your gums, or cause problems for neighboring teeth. We can take care of a fixed appliance that needs to be replaced, and we can talk to you about your options if you have lost or damaged a removable appliance.

Your West Allis, WI Dentist Can Address A Problem With Your Restoration

At Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI, our patients can come to us when they have a need for urgent dental work. We understand that problems with an older restoration can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We also want you to know that letting an issue go untreated can lead to complications that further affect your dental well-being. To contact us, you can reach our West Allis, WI dental practice at 414-541-8250.