Month: March 2020

We Can Help Our Patients When They Need Urgent Dental Work

Dental pain can be an intrusive problem. Eating and speaking can become difficult, and you may have a difficult time concentrating on something other than your discomfort. For bouts of serious dental pain, or for injuries that cause dental damage, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office is prepared to offer treatment. Our patients can depend… Read more »

Dietary Choices Impact Oral Health

The choices you make on a daily basis can impact your overall oral health. Of course, choosing to brush and floss your teeth can go a long way toward stopping cavities, but even dietary choices can impact your oral health. Eating foods that are sticky and sugary can cause your teeth to become saturated with… Read more »

Dental Crowns Are Up for the Job

Dental crowns are used to treat a variety of oral health conditions. They’re incredibly versatile — they can be used to protect a damaged tooth, improve the esthetics of patients’ smiles, and complete dental implants. If you have a serious oral health need, dental crowns are likely up for the job. What’s important is visiting… Read more »

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implants require surgery, which can make some patients wary about the treatment. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically set in the patient’s jawbone. The process typically requires anesthesia and a long recovery time as the implant heals. If you’re going to undergo that type of treatment, you want to be sure that… Read more »

Don’t Dread Dental Fillings

Many individuals dread the idea of needing restorative dental treatment. If you have cavities or other oral health problems, they will necessitate additional treatment. Don’t dread additional treatment like dental fillings, because dental fillings will help your teeth get back to their best. Plus, putting off dental fillings will only lead to more extensive oral… Read more »