Dietary Choices Impact Oral Health

The choices you make on a daily basis can impact your overall oral health. Of course, choosing to brush and floss your teeth can go a long way toward stopping cavities, but even dietary choices can impact your oral health. Eating foods that are sticky and sugary can cause your teeth to become saturated with substances that bacteria feed on as they grow. Acidic foods can contribute to the wear of your enamel. Being conscious of your dietary choices can lead you to a brighter oral health future.

Monitor the Types of Food that You Eat

The food you eat, and the timing with which you eat that food can impact your oral health. Bacteria thrive on simple sugars. If you consume lots of food with simple sugars in it, this can become an easy food source for the bacteria. Sugary foods also tend to be sticky and hang on the surfaces of your teeth. Limiting the amount of sugary, sticky, and crunchy foods that you eat is a great way to protect the structure and integrity of your teeth. Brushing after consuming these foods, or at the very least swishing some water around your mouth, is a great way to reduce the residue left behind.

Be Conscious of How Long You’re Going Between Brushing

It’s recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day — usually once in the morning when you wake up and once at night before bed. You don’t want to allow bacteria to metabolize sugars and grow overnight, so it’s crucial to brush at this time. However, you may be awake for 14-16 hours between brushing cycles. During that time, the residual food in your mouth can contribute to the growth of bacteria. You may want to consider brushing your teeth additionally during the day if you’re prone to cavities. Constant, hard brushing of your teeth can wear on your enamel, but brushing after lunch isn’t going to hurt.

Notice Your Individual Oral Health Situation

You know your own body, and you know your own teeth. Are you prone to developing cavities? Do your molars tend to get food stuck in them constantly? Knowing these things about yourself can allow you to  better care for your teeth and your overall oral health.

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