Month: December 2019

You’re Causing Problems for Yourself by Ignoring Cavities

If you enjoy getting dental work done on damaged teeth, you’re in the minority of patients. Most people don’t enjoy having procedures, like dental fillings, done to fix their teeth. They find them uncomfortable, intimidating, and a burden to schedule. However, ignoring an issue like a cavity now can cause you real problems in the… Read more »

Is Your Holiday Diet Contributing to Cavities?

The holiday season usually comes with an extravagant spread of delicious food that everyone enjoys. With the extra parties and get togethers added to the schedule, it’s no wonder that many of us tend to pack on a few extra pounds over the holidays. While resolving to exercise more in the new year is a… Read more »

The Secret to Stopping Cavities and Gingivitis

Oral health problems can come in all shapes and sizes. Major issues like tooth loss and periodontitis can require serious attention and extensive treatment. Even small issues, like cavities, can plant the seeds for future health problems. Stopping cavities and gingivitis is critical for the longevity of your teeth and gums. The secret to stopping… Read more »

Whiten and Straighten Your Teeth With One Procedure

Making cosmetic adjustments to your teeth isn’t actually as involved as you might think. Many cosmetic procedures can be performed quickly and to great effect. How would you like to change your smile? Could your teeth be straighter? Do you wish they were a more uniform size? Would you like to have a whiter, brighter… Read more »

Choose the Tooth Replacement that Works for You

If you’ve experienced the loss of a single tooth, or many of the teeth in your mouth, that doesn’t have to be a condition that you live with for the rest of your life. There are dental prosthetics that can create a lifelike tooth replacement to rebuild your smile and allow you to comfortably chew… Read more »