You’re Causing Problems for Yourself by Ignoring Cavities

If you enjoy getting dental work done on damaged teeth, you’re in the minority of patients. Most people don’t enjoy having procedures, like dental fillings, done to fix their teeth. They find them uncomfortable, intimidating, and a burden to schedule. However, ignoring an issue like a cavity now can cause you real problems in the future. If you opt to avoid treatment for your oral health problems, they will eventually compound. Choosing a solution like a dental filling as early as possible can help prevent conditions like infected root canals and broken teeth.

Tooth Decay Is Progressive, Which Means Problems Like Cavities Will Get Worse

Tooth decay is the product of bacterial activity on the surfaces of your teeth. Bacterial will buildup naturally on the surfaces of your teeth and around your gums. If you don’t clean the bacteria away by brushing and flossing, they will continue to grow and become more difficult to remove. As the bacteria grow, they produce corrosive acid as a byproduct of their metabolism. That acid, when exposed to your teeth for an extended period of time, will eventually wear down your enamel. The bacteria won’t go away on their own, so waiting for your oral health problems to reverse is a bad strategy.

A Dental Filling Can Fix and Protect Your Tooth

When you get a cut or scrape, you want to disinfect the injury and then cover it with a bandage. Eventually, your skin will heal and the scrape will be gone. A cavity is the opposite. If you leave the bacteria on your teeth alone, they will continue to bore down deeper. Eventually, a cavity will form. This hole can continue to get bigger and compromise the integrity of your tooth. It can also get deeper, spreading infection into the more vulnerable parts of your tooth. A dental filling can repair this damage and protect your tooth for the future.

Dental Fillings Restore Structure and Color

When you choose a dental filling, your dentist will start by removing the infected tissue from your tooth and sanitizing the area. Then, your dentist can use a tooth-colored material to fill the hole and restore the appearance and structure of your tooth. A dental filling can match the durability and stability of your original tooth, giving you peace of mind for the future. If you opt against a dental filling now, you may end up needing root canal therapy in the future. In that case you’ll also need a dental crown, or in some cases, a dental prosthetic. Treating problems right away spares you this discomfort.

Get Your Filling at Stubbs Family Dentistry

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