Month: July 2019

Is a Dental Implant as Strong as the Original?

Your teeth are strong and durable, that’s what allows them to last you an entire lifetime. However, not every tooth makes it that long. While teeth are tough, they can still fall victim to decay, caused by bacteria, or to physical harm. If you lose a tooth as an adult, you want to replace it…. Read more »

What Can I Do to Avoid Root Canal Infection?

Infected root canals are one of the most serious oral health problems that you can face. That’s because the root canals are a passageway for nutrients, blood vessels, and nerves. They connect your teeth with the rest of your body. When these passageways become infected with bacteria, the bacteria can spread through these channels and… Read more »

How Long Does It Take for Cavities to Form?

No one wants to see cavities on their teeth. Cavities create dark marks and are typically characterized by tooth pain. They can also spell serious trouble for your oral health. Cavities can lead to infected root canals, and eventually, tooth loss. But cavities don’t just pop up overnight. Missing a single dentist appointment, or failing… Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Bright During Summer

Everyone wants a bright, healthy smile, and keeping your teeth in good condition doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s all about knowing how to care for your teeth, and what common pitfalls to avoid. During the summer season, you’re probably spending plenty of days outdoors, hanging out with friends, and enjoying refreshing beverages. Some of… Read more »

Be Prepared Before a Dental Emergency Occurs

Preparation is the best practice when it comes to staying safe. The nature of an emergency means that it is something you can’t plan for specifically. However, you can have an idea of what to do before an emergency occurs. When it comes to your teeth, having an emergency dentistry plan can be the difference… Read more »