Is a Dental Implant as Strong as the Original?

Your teeth are strong and durable, that’s what allows them to last you an entire lifetime. However, not every tooth makes it that long. While teeth are tough, they can still fall victim to decay, caused by bacteria, or to physical harm. If you lose a tooth as an adult, you want to replace it. Missing teeth can affect your bite and the strength of your jaw bone. When you choose a replacement tooth option, you don’t want to settle. You want a replacement that is just as strong as the original. That’s what you can get from a dental implant. Dental implants are as durable and strong as your original tooth.

Dental Implants Are Embedded in Your Jaw Bone

What gives your natural teeth their strength? It’s their structure. Your teeth are much more than the crown you see above your gum line. The roots of your teeth are embedded deep within your jawbone, held in place by connective tissue. This gives you the ability to bite and chew crunchy or tough foods. When you lose a natural tooth, you want to replace that vital structure. That’s what dental implants do. They are surgically placed in your jaw bone, giving them the durability and strength that you would experience with your natural tooth.

Dental Implants Have the Longevity that Natural Teeth Have

The strength that you experience with a dental implant is not temporary, either. Due to their titanium composition and surgical placement, dental implants also have the longevity of natural teeth (if not more). You can expect your dental implant to remain functional and strong through the years. This is great news when recovering from tooth loss. The last thing you want to do is go through that difficult experience again. Choosing a durable option like a dental implant relieves you of that fear. Of course, you still need to maintain basic oral hygiene at home to keep your oral tissues healthy.

Dental Implants Create a Base for a Dental Crown

Function and durability are important parts of your dental prosthetic, but so is the appearance. You want your tooth replacement to look just like your natural tooth. Chances are, your natural tooth doesn’t look like a titanium post. That’s okay, because dental implants are eventually covered with a dental crown. Dental crowns are fabricated to look and fit like your natural tooth. Additionally, they provide you with a similar chewing surface that is functional and allows your teeth to fit comfortably together.

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