Can You Get Your Teeth Back?

When you suffer tooth loss as an adult, it can create a feeling of hopelessness. Tooth loss creates a burden on you, and it can create chronic pain as well. It generally necessitates significant lifestyle changes too. Are these things you’re going to have to deal with for the rest of your life? If you don’t take action, then yes. However, if you choose to explore your options for prosthetic dentistry, you can get your teeth back. Prosthetic dentistry allows you to recover from the loss of a single tooth, or the complete loss of your teeth. It’s time to move forward after tooth loss.

Get Your Teeth Back Quickly to Begin Healing

It’s important that you move forward with a dental prosthetic as soon as possible, because you won’t begin the healing process until you do. You may be surprised by the mental confidence boost you receive after getting your dental prosthetic. You will also be able to start adjusting your lifestyle back to the way it was before you suffered tooth loss. These are two things that you want to experience as quickly as you can! You’ll also prevent future oral health issues. Getting a bridge or dental implant for your missing tooth helps to keep your other teeth in alignment, and prevents harmful shifting.

Choose a Dental Prosthetic Based on Your Needs

The number of teeth you’re trying to replace and your budget will likely determine what kind of dental prosthetic is right for you. If you’re replacing a single tooth, a dental implant is often the best option. Dental implants give you the stability and durability of a natural tooth, allowing you to comfortably chew and eat the foods you did before tooth loss. A series of missing teeth can be addressed with a dental bridge. Dental bridges use neighboring teeth for stability while holding replacement teeth in place. If you’re missing a significant number of teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, partial or full dentures may be the best option for you.

Dental Prosthetics Give You Back Your Teeth from a Functional and Cosmetic Perspective

Replacing your teeth gives you back the ability to comfortably eat food. It can also prevent oral health problems from developing — like a shift in your bite or infection in the area where a tooth is missing. Your dental prosthetic also provides a cosmetic restoration of your tooth or teeth. Your dentist can create a prosthetic that looks like a natural tooth, and matches your surrounding teeth so that it doesn’t stick out in appearance. You’ll likely experience a huge boost in confidence after you get your teeth back.

Choose a Dental Prosthetic at Stubbs Family Dentistry

To get your teeth back as soon as possible, schedule an appointment at Stubbs Family Dentistry. Dr. Stubbs and his team provide compassionate care that focuses on your oral health and your overall health as well. We want to set you up with a dental prosthetic that restores your confidence and your comfort. Make your initial appointment by contacting Stubbs Family Dentistry in West Allis, WI at 414-541-8250.