Month: April 2019

Answers to Common Questions About Cavities

From the time you learn about your teeth, you’re taught about the importance of avoiding cavities. Cavities are the product of tooth decay, a progressive condition that requires your constant attention. Cleaning your teeth and making regular visits to your dentist are the best ways to avoid the harmful effects of cavities, but tooth decay… Read more »

Quick, When Was Your Last Dentist Appointment?

If the answer to this question isn’t, “Sometime in the last six months,” then it’s time to make another appointment. Dentist appointments are an important defense against tooth decay and gum disease, conditions that can destroy your teeth and create lifelong problems. You only have one set of adult teeth, so it’s vital that you… Read more »

Smile Repair Doesn’t Mean Discomfort

The dentist gets a unfortunate reputation, thanks mostly to scary depictions in media and bad experiences from childhood. Many adults develop an aversion to visiting the dentist, which only causes them to have more problems with their teeth in the future. If you’ve been worried about seeing the dentist or moving forward with a treatment… Read more »

Achieving A Symmetrical Smile Without Braces

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, symmetrical smile? When you feel good about the state of your smile, you’re more likely to show it off, and that leads to increased confidence. You may not realize how easy it can be to give yourself an even, ideal smile. You don’t necessarily need braces to create a perfectly… Read more »

Dental Crowns Will Repair Your Smile and Ability to Eat

A fear of what the dentist might find keeps many patients away, when in fact, avoiding the dentist is the worst thing they could do. Do you suffer from tooth pain? Do you know that bacteria have caused damage to your teeth? Then making a dentist appointment right away is the best thing you can… Read more »