Month: May 2017

What Kind Of Dental Crown Is Right For Me?

Dental crowns offer secure, lasting protection, as well as functional support. They are often required for teeth that have been harmed by an advanced cavity, and they can be used to take care of a tooth that incurs physical harm. Your different teeth serve different functions, and can face different degrees of stress. Your dentist… Read more »

Three Tips for a Healthy Smile

Did you grow up being taught to brush your teeth twice a day, but never learn much more about what the smile actually needs in order to stay healthy? Over time, many people find themselves struggling with largely preventable dental problems like cavities and even gum disease, because they have not properly been taught how… Read more »

Can I Do More To Prevent Dental Cavities?

Did you spend 2016 getting more fillings than you would care to admit, because of a number of dental cavities? If so, you may have begun this year with every intent of taking better care of your smile, in order to prevent the pesky discomfort and subsequent frustration that can be caused by enamel erosion…. Read more »

Worried About Getting Restorative Dentistry? Don’t Be!

Have you postponed a visit to your dentist’s office, because you are worried that you need restorative treatment? Are you concerned that you will leave the office with noticeable metal dentistry, or worse, an uncomfortable restoration that makes eating less enjoyable? Well there is no reason to worry when it comes to modern dental restorations…. Read more »

Looking for a Secure Way to Complete Your Smile?

Did you lose a tooth recently, due to trauma, decay, or even gum disease? Perhaps you had to have one extracted by your dentist, due to a progressed infection, bad damage, or another dental issue. If so, you may still be worrying about how your smile looks and feels now that it is incomplete. Fortunately,… Read more »