Can I Do More To Prevent Dental Cavities?

Can I Do More To Prevent Dental Cavities?Did you spend 2016 getting more fillings than you would care to admit, because of a number of dental cavities? If so, you may have begun this year with every intent of taking better care of your smile, in order to prevent the pesky discomfort and subsequent frustration that can be caused by enamel erosion. But, are you really doing all you can to protect your pearly whites from cavities? There are several steps you can and should be taking, if you are serious about protecting your dental health!

How Are You Protecting Your Smile?

While dental hygiene, like toothbrushing, might be one of the most obvious ways to care for your smile, it’s not the only simple step you can take at home, to protect your smile. Simply choosing healthy foods, and limiting the role sugar plays in your det, can help to protect your oral health. That’s because bacteria feed on sugar, so the more you consume the more likely you are to develop cavities. A diet that’s high in nutrients and low in sugar, is a great way to keep your smile, and your whole body, healthy.

This also means limiting your beverages to mostly water, since sodas, sweetened teas and coffees, and even juices and smoothies can be high in sugar!

When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Dentist?

Finally, great hygiene and a healthy diet are important, but they are not a substitute for professional dental cleanings. To really protect your teeth, make sure you see the dentist at least twice a year, to have your teeth cleaned!

Ready for Preventive Dental Treatment?

Every adult should be seeing the dentist regularly for cleanings. You can schedule a checkup and cleaning with Flynn Dentistry, by calling Michael E. Flynn, DDS, in West Allis, WI today at 414-541-8250.