Month: September 2016

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?

Are you suffering from discomfort, lately, when you try to enjoy a hot beverage or an iced cold treat? Do you sometimes experience pain while eating, or even while brushing your teeth? Have you seen changes in the color of some of your teeth, specifically white patches or even grey or black lines along the… Read more »

Is a Dental Crown What Your Smile Needs?

Did you recently suffer trauma to a tooth during an athletic event, or while working or even while driving? Even chewing can sometimes lead to dental trauma that might require restorative treatment. Both hard candies and ice are common causes of damage to teeth, in fact. There are a number of common causes for patients… Read more »

Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?

Have you spent several years suffering from insecurity caused by tooth loss? It can be difficult to smile confidently, when you are missing teeth. It can be even harder to chew comfortably, when your smile is incomplete. Fortunately, a dental implant provides a more secure way of coping with tooth loss, helping to complete the… Read more »

Dental Challenges Seniors Face

Each age group has its own set of dental challenges to face, beginning with babies who have to deal with teething. As they move toward adolescence they have to deal with losing their baby teeth and the eruption of their permanent teeth, and don’t forget the “All I want for Christmas is my two front… Read more »