Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?

Could a Dental Implant Restore Your Confidence?Have you spent several years suffering from insecurity caused by tooth loss? It can be difficult to smile confidently, when you are missing teeth. It can be even harder to chew comfortably, when your smile is incomplete. Fortunately, a dental implant provides a more secure way of coping with tooth loss, helping to complete the smile and functionally and to help restore the confidence as well. That is because dental implants are securely anchored through the use of a titanium post that helps keep the replacement tooth securely in place.

Don’t Settle for an Uncomfortable Prostheses

Many patients only consider their prosthetic options after first losing their teeth. Unfortunately, after several years many prostheses, including dentures that once fit well, can become uncomfortable due to wear and even changes in the jaw’s structure.

To help improve one’s comfort, then, dental implants should be considered.

Implants are the most permanent option for addressing tooth loss, because the titanium post used as the anchor of an implant is actually surgically inserted, allowing healthy tissue to grow right around it. This post is designed to last a lifetime, too, making replacement of the prosthetic tooth much faster and more convenient, should it become necessary in the future.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort with a Dental Implant

For patients looking for stability while chewing, and a natural-looking smile restoration that will allow them to feel confident when smiling, dental implants are an excellent option. Implants can be paired with dentures, partial or full, or used with full dental crowns to help complete a smile based on the number of teeth that are missing.