Month: April 2015

Do I Qualify for Dental Implants? Take This Quiz

We are often excited to find that patients take the decision to replace their missing teeth seriously. If you have been doing your homework and have chosen dental implants to complete your smile, you have likely discovered the many benefits offered by these prosthetics throughout your research. However, we also realize that patients often become… Read more »

Are You Flossing Correctly? Take This Quiz

Patients often speak with us about how they can best protect their smiles from all of the potential negative side effects of plaque and even staining agents. If your goal is to maintain a truly beautiful, sparkling, healthy smile, it is important that you visit us regularly for preventive care. While your efforts will not… Read more »

What to Expect From Advanced Dental Checkups

If you know anything about taking care of your smile, you know that we feel passionate about seeing you once every six months for your dental checkups and cleanings. However, do you really know why? Have you ever been sure that we must be doing something awfully important during your checkup but you are not… Read more »

Replacing Your Teeth for A Complete Smile

Have you been hiding your smile because you have open spaces that embarrass you? Patients who have experienced tooth loss know firsthand how overwhelming this oral concern can become. What may begin as mild embarrassment can evolve into something that controls a large portion of your daily life. You may have difficulty eating the foods… Read more »

What to Expect From Root Canal Therapy

If we detect that the lowermost channels of your teeth – called roots – have been exposed to bacteria or that the dental pulp that lines them is damaged, we will likely suggest a root canal. We recognize that upon hearing this news, you may instantly shudder and prepare for the worst. However, we would… Read more »