What to Expect From Advanced Dental Checkups

magnifyingglassIf you know anything about taking care of your smile, you know that we feel passionate about seeing you once every six months for your dental checkups and cleanings. However, do you really know why? Have you ever been sure that we must be doing something awfully important during your checkup but you are not quite sure what is happening? We appreciate your curiosity and would like to help you understand what to expect from advanced dental checkups, so you feel informed, comfortable, and confident about your care. Learn more:

Visual Exam

First, we will take a look at your mouth with our own eyes. We can determine a lot by simply examining your mouth visually. We may find irritation, cavity formation, or other concerns that may require restorative care. We can detect signs of problems like bruxism (teeth grinding) or may assist you in deciding whether you require orthodontic treatment. Or, we may find that your teeth and gums are in excellent condition.

Advanced Imaging

What we cannot see with our eyes alone we rely on advanced technology to display. We may rely on advanced imaging, such as digital X-rays to take a closer look at what is happening in your mouth. This allows us to make accurate diagnoses and treatment suggestions. Compared to conventional X-rays, this solution is more comfortable, more environmentally friendly, and puts out less radiation.

Early Detection

We also use a variety of dental technologies that will assist us in detecting problems early on in their development. For example, we will take a closer look at your teeth with an instrument called DIAGNOdent – it will illuminate areas that are suffering from the very beginning stages of tooth decay, so we may treat cavities before they have a chance to truly progress. We will also incorporate oral cancer screenings to catch the disease when it is still simply in a pre-cancerous stage. The sooner we find problems, the greater our ability to offer treatment with successful results.


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