Month: November 2022

Making Significant Smile Changes Possible

If you feel like there is considerable distance between your current smile and the one that you want to show off, it can hard not to feel self-conscious about how you look. After all, a smile is often someone’s most prominent and most memorable features. For those who fear theirs is memorable for less than… Read more »

Taking Home And Using A Teeth Whitening Kit

Have you grown embarrassed by your smile due to a buildup of stains? The accumulation of particles that dull your enamel can make you look older and less attractive, and the solutions you find at your grocery store or pharmacy can fail to provide meaningful help. Fortunately, you do not have to depend on over… Read more »

When Comfort In The Dentist’s Chair Is A Concern

There are different reasons why people will postpone dental appointments. For those who suffer from feelings of anxiety around care, delays can become the norm even when they feel there is a need for restorative treatment. Putting off regular care can make you more likely to suffer problems with your dental health; holding off on… Read more »

Can I Trust A Lifelike Crown To Protect My Tooth?

If you receive a crown that is made to match your enamel, can you trust it to do more than just maintain your appearance? This kind of restoration fully surrounds a tooth above the gumline, which means it both covers it and performs biting and chewing functions on its behalf. Your West Allis, WI dentist’s… Read more »

Veneers Can Take On Many Cosmetic Concerns

Not every concern you have about your smile has to connect to your oral health. Sometimes, teeth that are healthy still cause frustration, as they can look unattractive or just feel out of place. Discoloration, superficial damages, problems with spacing, and general worries over shape or size can create frustrating cosmetic problems. Fortunately, your West… Read more »