Month: October 2022

One Common Factor In Tooth Loss

Diabetes Stubbs

There is one condition that leads directly to around one in every five instances of tooth loss. This might be something that you wouldn’t expect, but as an auto-immune condition, it affects many areas of your body. This is referring to diabetes, which currently affects at least 29 million Americans. Both forms of diabetes, Type… Read more »

Enjoy Dentures That Are Permanently Secured

Having a full denture provided to replace a row of teeth can lead to lasting benefits. Your smile is restored, and you can feel more comfortable throughout your day thanks to its presence. However, many people worry that they will have a hard time adjusting to a removable appliance, and that they will feel frustrated… Read more »

Dealing With A Gap Between Your Teeth

Does it feel as though you have no way to feel truly confident in your smile because of a conspicuous gap between your teeth? Problems with spacing can be difficult to live with, and people who feel uneasy about using metal braces to take the matter on can feel stuck with these flaws. At our… Read more »

Why Should I Keep Up With Dental Exams?

Life can become hectic with little advance warning, and it can stay hectic for a frustrating length of time. While this can make certain priorities more difficult to keep up with, letting something stand between you and your general dental exams can have serious consequences. The longer you go without your appointments, the more likely… Read more »