Month: April 2022

What Can I Do To Noticeably Brighten My Smile?

What do your current efforts at brightening your teeth include? If you have already attempted to make your smile more attractive with a store bought whitening kit, or if you have switched to a whitening toothpaste, you may worry over how limited your improvements have been. By taking on this problem with your dentist’s help,… Read more »

Care For Different Stages Of Gum Disease

What kind of care do you need from your dentist to manage problems with your gum health? That answer will depend on your current condition, as a periodontal infection will grow worse over time without the right kind of care. If gingivitis is identified and addressed through a dedicated cleaning, your tissues can heal and… Read more »

Addressing Enamel Wear And Tear With Veneers

There are many issues that can rob people of confidence in the way they look when they smile and speak. One issue that can grow gradually over time concerns general wear and tear. As your teeth grow misshapen and flat from this issue, they can appear older and less healthy. The problem can worsen in… Read more »

What Should You Know About Implant Dentistry?

There are different solutions to oral health problems that can address physical injuries, cavities, and cosmetic problems. When appropriate, our West Allis, WI dentist’s office can also talk with you about how tooth loss can be effectively addressed. Through implant dentistry, it is possible for our office to fully restore your smile so that you… Read more »