Month: October 2021

Addressing Serious Periodontal Problems

The management of your periodontal health plays a more important role in maintaining your general well-being than you might realize. If you suffer from diabetes, gum disease can make managing your condition more difficult. Your infection can also make you more vulnerable to other health issues, and it can give you an elevated risk for… Read more »

Will My Filling Attract Unwanted Attention?

The unpleasant news that you have a cavity can come with many negative feelings. You can worry about the state of your tooth, and what this problem says about the current state of your oral hygiene routine. You may also find yourself concerned about what you will look like after the appropriate restorative dental work… Read more »

Using A Whitening Kit To Brighten Your Smile

If you can no longer ignore the impact that stains have on your smile, you can be eager to learn about your options for treatment. While there are products available at the grocery store or pharmacy that will help you see some results, they may fall short of delivering your goals for changing your appearance…. Read more »

Taking A Full-Mouth Approach To Cosmetic Care

While cosmetic dental work can sometimes call for the restoration of just one flawed tooth, some patients require more involved services. People with full-mouth cases can benefit from services that address problems with multiple teeth, and they may even benefit from a combination of both cosmetic and restorative treatment. Our West Allis, WI dentist’s office… Read more »